The Art-Label MILK+WODKA (Roman Maeder + Remo Keller)

Roman and Remo like to celebrate a healthy sense of black humour topped with distinct sarcasm and irony, combined with innocent cuteness packed in colorful pop-brut style paintings and illustrations since 1999.
Their Art-Exhibitions/Installations are carefully prepared and released by the Artists Roman Maeder(*1974)and Remo Keller (*1968), both born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The work is shown all over Switzerland, in Germany, Austria and Italy, and increasingly also in countries even further abroad.

The MILK+WODKA Exhibitions take not only place in galleries, off-galleries and museums, but also in various uncommon venues, such as illegal Bars, Artist-Markets (e.g. Bazar Bizzar), discarded horse stables and cocktail-robotic-festivals. Thanks to varied and constantly expanding connections to the international artist-/music-/and party-scene, the audience is usually  of a nicely multi-coloured mixture.

Contentwise everything turns around the large topics of adventure, amour fou, good luck, bad luck, herbs and carrots and of course: milk and wodka.

The objects, paintings and designs by Roman Maeder and Remo Keller are colourful, shiny and explosive, and they involve works of diverse styles, approaches and techniques. A conglomerate of crafty silkscreen-prints, pseudo-amateurish scribbles, avant-garde comic-art, to carefully and iconographically painted giant backlit canvases.

In-between you might discover several original M+W logos, emblems and fake-advertising boards: everything is glossy, often reminiscent of trashy pop-art and art brut. The Exhibiton concept is based on the idea to create a friendly but slightly irritating art-space, trying to find a comfortable mix between Gallery-atmosphere and a cosy Living Room.

You may find yourself in a “lounge-corner”, at the well-sorted bookshelf, at a bar where they serve only milk and wodka, or even in a dollhouse, or a record-player, and you will discover thousands of small and large surprises.

Also, we have a mobile “comic-kiosk”, which exhibits various mini-comics, silkscreen-postcards, stickers and accessoires, everything affectionately crafted and hygienically packaged.

Important exhibitions so far include: Galerie Andy Jllien (Zurich), Museum fur Gegenwartskunst (Basel), Galerie Neurotitan (Berlin), Forte Prenestino (Rome), Kunstraum Hinterconti (Hamburg), Break 21 (Ljubljana), MuseumsQuartier Wien, and many, many other places more.

Awards and Scholarships:
2007: Atelier-Scholarship in Berlin, Kt. Schaffhausen (CH)
2007: Best Swiss Entry, Roboexotica Wien (A)
2006: Contempo Kunstpreis Schaffhausen (CH)